Borderlands’ best weapons and items with integrated Gearcalc links(!)

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 Welcome to this huge archive of all Borderlands’ best[*] weapons and items at their highest possible levels. These are the real guncards from the game arranged in swift galleries with built-in Gearcalc links for every weapon and shield (Class Mods and Grenade Mods are in the archive but without links). All Pearlescents and Legendaries are included except for the Wildcat. Galleries of Borderlands’ Best Weapons and Items last updated 2/15/2016.

Navigating Borderlands’ Best Weapons and Items

The top menu bar^ leads to loads of guns in pop-out galleries where you can:

  • hover to see the guncards
  • OR navigate using keyboard arrow keys (click any thumbnail to enable this)
  • click a guncard to go to the gun’s Gearcalc page for parts makeup, damage per second, reload speed, damage at different levels etc.

*Deciding upon Borderlands’ Best Weapons

“Borderlands best weapons and items, eh?”, you might ask; and “How were Borderlands best weapons and items chosen?” Good questions. Given the strengths and weaknesses of the different characters in Borderlands, and the individual preferences that each player might have, it’s going to be more or less inaccurate to say that a certain gun configuration is the ‘best’.  So, instead, this site focuses on presenting a great variety of Borderlands’ best weapons and items.  Generally speaking, we’re taking the standard top gun configs as suggested by A. the Gun Number ‘Best of’ List here and B. Gearcalc’s damage-per-second figure**, and going from there. In most cases, each brands’ barrel4 and barrel5 are presented, along with significant stock/mag variations if applicable. The members of the Gearbox Gearchat forum here then provide feedback and the end result is what you see in these galleries. If anyone wants another gun on here – a holy grail perhaps – just ask. A Holy grail can be added with a note as to who is looking for it [see Holy Grail Gallery]. If you’d like a new weapon (or class of weapon) added, please propose it in the development thread for review and discussion. Any and all feedback is appreciated – either in the development thread or here on the site! Click here for the development thread in the Gearbox Forums.

**Gearcalc’s Elemental DPS figure and Borderlands Best Elemental Weapons

Note that the Gearcalc Damage per second figure does not include elemental DoT (damage over time); it only includes the impact damage from the elemental bullets see here (look under the ‘Tech’ tab in Gearcalc). This is because different enemies have different levels of resistance to DoT triggering and, although it can be insanely powerful, it can also just not work- especially if the target is a boss or a badass version. Level differences can also keep DoT from triggering reliably. Because of all the what if and dependencies involved in DoT, it’s left out of the equation as a hard number. This sounds like it might cause trouble in deciding on Borderlands’ Best Weapons, but since all elements and weapon types are represented equally, it’s not an issue. For more info on DoT, see Scottes’ test threads here (links below his sig pic).

74 Responses to Borderlands’ best weapons and items with integrated Gearcalc links(!)

  1. Ice Car says:


    Very nice and clean looking site. Bookmarked for reference. Should get stickied on the forums.

  2. roflcopter207 says:

    hey UFKHBA just confirming it works on ipods, gearcalc doesnt though (we really need an app!)

  3. COLTRANE1980 says:

    This is awesome! I’ll be using this often, greatjob UFK!

  4. SneakAttack says:

    What a great resource! This site is always pulled up when I’m farming Craw. Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. ctownpeepers says:

    A-MAZ-ING…….. seemless searching, wonderful item cards, exceptional job!

  6. broly says:

    im confused am i able to do this on the ps3 cuz i found this out from when i was playing in multiplayer a lvl 28 guy dropped a shield with over 2 billion shield health it doesn’t go down unless you fight someone thus like lvl 68 (i found that out the hard way) but help me out on this one plz and thx

  7. Hi Broly,
    A shield like that isn’t ‘legit’ – it would have been ‘modded’ or ‘constructed’ on a PC and then somehow injected into a PS3 save.

  8. cbowling816 says:

    might i suggest having different methods of sorting available

    maybe build a database that holds all info on all items, and have different sort by options to be clicked.

    I mean you have covered the basics of each weapon type and elements and items, but how about things like:
    Manufacturer and Rarity, so we can view all pearlescents at once, or all hyperion pistols at a time for example

  9. True, true. I thought about that approach at the outset, and it would certainly be better in some ways, but it also seemed like lot more work to set up. I figured the gallery-by-category setup would be good enough for a start and actually quicker sometimes because you can get a boatload of info in about 3-5 clicks without typing anything (if the categories are familiar enough, anyway). Maybe a database is in the cards for the future though; we’ll see what happens with BL2 :D

  10. cbowling816 says:

    It is a great start though, and idk bout everyone else, but when borderlands 2 is released i will be jumping back and forth between the two.

    it will be cool if you put up 2 sections on this site at that time 1 for each game.

    I like the site btw

  11. thanks dude! It’ll take some time to catalog the new guns and develop the BL2 Gearcalc, but yeah a BL2 section would be totally cool : )
    Good luck with your sweet Gearcalc+ project btw!

  12. cbowling816 says:

    thanks. i just hope i will finish that before bl2 comes out (even if not, i will still play both games after that) since i am really busy with work, sometimes only 1 day off a week, and car troubles. (gotta replace the bearing plate for the strut, should replace the whole struts, but im on a budget so only gonna replace neccessitys)

    but if you want some help with the bl2 gearcalc, just let me know via pm on the forums, not sure how busy i will be then tho

  13. Mr White says:

    How long will it take to catalog the perfect BL2 weapons approximately?

  14. Good question. The first step toward a Borderlands 2 ‘Best Legit Possible’ Reference is, of course, to determine what’s possible. That’s where the ‘Best Legitimate Weapon Found’ gun-mining project comes in. Many of the people behind the original BLWF, including Skyline, will be returning for round two. I don’t have a time estimate yet, because now there are supposed to be more part combinations than before, but basically the more submissions the BLWF gets, the sooner we’ll know what’s what. Like BBG, the BL2 BLWF will be developed on the Gearbox forum and displayed in galleries on an external site. I’ll post the link when it’s up. Until then, the Borderlands 2 Gearbox forums are where it’s at.

  15. Mr White says:

    Ok thanks for the info, i had not realised how in depth Borderlands weapon generation system was until I found your site. I will be sure to post weapons I find in bl2 on the site you linked in order to help speed the process up. Can’t wait to start seeing the potential weapons we will find in bl2; keep up the good work.

  16. Thanks man. UPDATE: the new BL2 BLWF site is done but it won’t go live until the about 3 weeks after the game comes out (so people have a chance to start farming at the level cap). A submission/development thread in BL2 Loot and Weapons Chat will commence around that time.

  17. Royston says:

    Is there a borerlanders 2 version of this site ? I couldn’t find the link.

  18. Until enough research happens to make a ‘best legit possible’, we’ll have the ‘best legit found’ site here, pretty soon:
    Right now it’s just a skeleton site but give it a week or so and it should fill up with gear.

  19. Royston says:

    Thanks dude. I understand this game is still very new, it might take 6 months or more for the website to be filled up.

  20. Royston says:

    Would it be possible to let people know which boss to farm for the gear, especially legendary gear and purple gear.

  21. Not sure what will happen, but this is usually done in another thread – a ‘farming guide’ – on the Gearchat forum.

  22. Mike says:

    When do these guns become available? Im about to beat the game on level 32. Should I not beat it and play to level 68 and hopefully these guns become available?

  23. Yeah after beating the game in playthrough 2 is really where you start getting the perfect stuff. I’d recommend looking for a perfect playthrough guide.

  24. pineapple inc. says:

    for some reason the links are extreamly slow and just give a white screen.

  25. Gearcalc’s web host seems to have sporadic semi-outages like that. I’ve seen it happen for a few days at a time.

  26. pineapple inc. says:

    well, guess i can only wait :(

  27. Christopher says:

    I have noticed that when copying some of the weapons into your game save data,, whether it be a drop, reward or other legit guns, the weapon information stated “Expected Damage 0”. Now when looking at these weapons on your game you cannot use them unless you are something like “Required Level 147345” approx. That high a level is 100% impossible to achieve. Yet these are very legit guns, why does this happen? And is there a way to combat this problem?.

    I am also finding it very difficult to create my own weapons using the gear calc, by experience I found that non legit weapons do not appear in your inventory after copying the data.

    I have beaten this game many times so now just wanna have some fun, I generally farm Craw but have never had a pearl drop from him let alone most of the weapons posted here in card form. Other boss drops I have had.

  28. Hi Chris,
    Aside from making the guncards on here via PC I’ve only played legit (no modding/duping at all) on xbox. However, moddingwise, I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem if you’re using willowtree with normally levelled character.

  29. Tom says:

    Hi- Great guns. I no longer have to play hairsplitting and guessing managing guns in Borderlands…just play. Running into a problem. At first gun levels were not transfering correctly from backpack to equipped. They would lose 4 levels. Now levels do not transfer from your site to clipboard to Willowtree either. They downgrade from 69 to 61. Can’t get any level 69 guns now that I’m at 69. I think the quality is ok, just the level number is off. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

  30. DD ing says:

    This is the most I love game. Accompany me for two years.
    My STEAM ID crowcryding want someone to fight together.

  31. dave says:

    whenever I click on the images of lvl 68 gear, when gear calculator pops up, all of the weapons change to lvl 61 and the bar cannot be raised past this. How do i get the codes for level 68 pearlescents

  32. shawn says:

    I found a great weapon better than those on the list, the ” ppz5700 chimera shredder”

  33. unfortunately that’s a modded weapon that someone made and dropped into your game. It’s got a sniper model number, a revolver prefix and a shotgun title

  34. shawn says:

    Is a “kka42 combustion hellfire” a mod also

  35. nope that one sounds legit

  36. shawn says:


  37. Thurst says:

    I’ve been playing Borderlands on PS3 for about a year now, I’m level 55 and beat the game almost twice and never found a pearlescent weapon. Where can I find them.

  38. IIRC you can only find them in the General Knoxx expansion, and most likely from the armory or Crawmerax the Invincible, but you might want to find a playthrough guide so the pearls you get are at or near level 68.

  39. Thurst says:

    I keep seeing these YouTube videos of people getting infinite shields and money, it’s either a hack or you have to have a very specific item equipped to do so. Any thoughts

  40. ‘Infinite shields’ is definitely a modded [hacked] shield. I’d recommend avoiding moddded gear entirely; the game is more fun & rewarding without it, imo. However, unlimited money is essentially normal later in the game because the items you find and sell are worth so much.

  41. Thurst says:


  42. Thurst says:

    Tried farming so much for pearlescent, getting tired of it. Guess I will just have to wait I get to the armory on the second go round at the high level. I’ve tired after I beat game first time just going back to armory glitch but nothing.

  43. Thurst says:

    Is it possible to get all 9 pearls eventually if you just keep farming and play the game? Also haven’t played borderlands 2 hope it’s better than #1 and #1 is good. Might get something different

  44. Finding pearls is TOUGH. Finding ma top notch pearls is WAY TOUGHER. The armory glitch or Crawmerax are about the only ways to go and I prefer Crawmerax because it’s more fun and challenging. I can’t remember what my average was but I’d guess you’d get a pearl for every 25 Crawmerax kills at max level.

  45. Yeah if you farm enough you’ll see variations of all the pearls. I played BL2 up through DLC2 (including plenty of farming for maxxed out stuff) and it was very cool but all in all not quite as awesome as BL1 imo.

  46. Thurst says:

    Thanks, Ive been checking this stuff out on YouTube and I saw this hidden endless desert in headstone mine and weapons chest farm but all the videos were co-op and they were playing on Xbox. Tried to find these places solo on PS3, couldn’t . Must be Xbox thing.

  47. Leo02 says:

    Can I start off by saying. Wow. This site is very clean and I always use this as a reference. My question is, Is it anyone’s power here to create a Gear calculator app? My friends and I have been playing Borderlands for a while we thought it would be cool to have an app for it. Is it Possible???

  48. Thanks! Appwise – that would be up to duncanfogg (the creator of gearcalc) unless someone else had the determination to recreate it as an app from scratch using gearcalc as a reference.

  49. Leo02 says:

    Thank you. Is there any way I can get a hold of duncanfogg?

  50. not any particular way that I know. even a year ago he didn’t really respond on the gearbox forum afaik

  51. sergi says:

    how to get a weapon that heal?
    One of my friend play as assault an has a weapon that, when he fire to my, give health….

  52. sounds like either just points in roland’s cauterize ability, an aries revolver [pearlescent] or a a kyros’ power sniper rifle [mission reward]

  53. Leo02 says:

    tbh, the TK5 Fulgurating Nemises is kinda bad, could you suggest a better pistol???

  54. an Unforgiven Masher or Aries can be amazing. All depends on your build. Here’s Mord w/ Jakobs Class mod vs Crawmerax:

  55. Zagan says:

    Well this is cool and all, but I’m looking for a list of modded weapons (I’m playing single player so don’t get yer panties in a bunch). I get bored with the legit stuff since I’ve played through the game like a few hundred times.

    I know there used to be a really cool site with mass pages of them but I can’t seem to find it any more. It was an old site that has been around for a very long time. Now I just find ones with a few things on them but this one had probably hundreds and even said if they worked for ver. 1.3 and higher. Anyone know this site?

  56. Nedit says:

    Don’t know if this site is still kept up, but just an observation. On this page–Borderlands best weapons and items with integrated Gearcalc links(!)–I noted that it seems impossible to click the link for the “Double Stalker” pistol. In the grid it is the center picture, and there’s really no way of selecting it. When you ‘mouse-over’ it, it appears as the linked pic, but when you move your cursor across to click it, the link picture switches to which ever picture you cross over. And there’s no way of crossing to the link without crossing a different picture. Don’t know if that makes sense, but I couldn’t click the link to that gun. Just a heads-up.

  57. yeah that was a design tradeoff but the arrow keys on the keyboard are the workaround

  58. simsalabim says:

    All the Class-Mods just open the jpg file when you click them. None of them work in geargenerator anymore. Can this please get fixed?

  59. no can do – gearcalc doesn’t support class mods

  60. simsalabim says:

    thanks for the fast reponse! is there another way then to get this into willowtree or into the game?
    cuz if not, i don’t know what to do with it :D

  61. np! All you can do with the picture is use it as a reference for knowing what a best legit one looks like

  62. Zoka says:

    I’m sorry bothering you again,but maybe you can help me!! I using willowtree,and restaring the missions,but how to set to all of them to be level 69. Example You will die is level 69 but It’s like Crystmas is 53,and how to fix that through WT. Do I have to set DLC value or Objective value or something else??? Thanks!!

  63. I dunno – I’ve only messed with level 69 characters’ missions but I’m sure there’s something about it on on the internet. Just be sure to have a backup of the save you’re modifying so things can’t go too wrong.

  64. Zoka says:

    Thank i googled just must to set DLC value to 4,and all missions will be level 69!!

  65. Dan says:

    Hello! I’m an old guy fairly new to video gaming…just now playing BL 1 on XBOX 360. Have a Lvl 69 Soldier farming Craw. Just started a Siren Lvl 39 and trying to add Legit weapons, etc. from this site. Using WT and Horizon, SDU, proficiency, etc. work fine. Weapons DO show up under “weapons” in WT, but DON’T show up in reloaded game. I only use the Gear Calculator codes and save. The ONLY change I make is to lower the gun levels to 39. Is this what causes them to not show up in game? Thanks!

  66. The issue wouldn’t be with the site – the weapons are all just built in gearcalc – but I guess make sure you aren’t putting things in the bank and if that doesn’t help look through WT support threads.

  67. Dan Cheak says:

    Thank you for the reply! I knew there wasn’t a problem with the site, just couldn’t figure out if I was doing something wrong or if the “patch” was an issue, etc. While I was waiting , I found an earlier post from Matt to another member. I followed his instructions VERY carefully and found that I was not inserting the save-file back to the flash drive properly. I now have all the goodies I wanted with nothing corrupted!!! GREAT TOOL and SITE! Thanks again!

  68. Aztore says:

    I want to show you something. I have 3 Tsunamis Lv.68 all worth 9999999,trust me,you maybe need this for your colletion of weapons,and one Undertaker corossive so if you want,I can send you a screenshots,and beleive I don’t lie. Just leave the contact. Thanks.

  69. Aztore says:

    why you don’t wanna post screenshots i have. I have 4 Tsunamies,all better from your screenshot. 1.HX 140 C damage 258,acc.95.3 fr.12.5 ,,55 bullets 4x. 2. . HX C Cobalt Tsunami damage 374 acc. 95.3 fr.4.2 18 bullets 4x. 3. KKA 540 CT damage 241,acc 95.3 fr 6.9 55 bullets 4x. and the last TD 440 200 damage,93.9 ac,fr 8.9 55 bullets 4x. All 4 have apropiate zoom. Please anewer me something. Thanks.

  70. krissxx says:

    Hello can you answer me something. Can i get Pearl weapon in Moxxi Coloseum but in 20 rounds. Thanks?

  71. nope – no pearls drop in the underdome

  72. Cherry says:

    Can i get Pearl weapons on Moxxi Arena,but in 20 rounds? Or legenderies?

  73. no pearls; but yes legendaries

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