13.9s Crawmerax Speedkill: Gunfighter RULES!

I just managed a 13.9 second Crawmerax speedkill on Xbox with Mordecai using a 550 Gunfighter COM with no fifth line. I still can’t believe how easy it looks: here’s the video on youtube. At the time of this writing, 13.9s is the current record for consoles, and the third fastest overall, as far as the Gearbox forum knows. In this post I’ll go over how this quick time came about. Previously I’d looked at two Hunter builds for speedkilling Crawmerax. First I tried to replicate fraktaled_b4u’s success with Sniper/Penetrator. I managed an ok time with it, but with my … Continue reading

The Sniper Build for Mordecai the Hunter vs Crawmerax

Sub-20 Second Crawmerax Speedkill in PT2 When I first saw this video I was like holy ****, because not only does it look VERY fast, it looks repeatable. I’m used to a Craw kill taking 3 minutes from first blood to death roar and this, by looking at the video, is a whole order of magnitude more efficient.  My gunslinger setup is no slouch, but it’s designed to be tough and consistent, rather than lightning fast. “Wow,” I thought, “I gotta try this!”  I checked out what he was using and realized he had made some unusual choices. The Sniper Speedkill Loadout … Continue reading

“The Borderlands Gun Collector’s Club” by Steve Yegge – I mean Chaz…mina

A vast, hilarious and insightful post from a Lockdown Palace inmate opens with this bombshell: Gearbox gets it. Well, sort of. I mean, it’s kinda hard to tell. I predict that Borderlands 2 is going to be an awesome game… but that’s a pretty lame prediction, isn’t it? We already know they “get it” at least that much. Gearbox knows how to make an awesome game. Afterwards, though, I predict that everyone will immediately go back to playing Borderlands 1. Now _that_ is a prediction for you. Although he uses the convincing pseudonym of Chazmina to avoid being dogged about … Continue reading

Borderlands Best Weapons for Mordecai the Hunter vs Crawmerax

When I started fighting Crawmerax with Mordecai in Playthrough 2 I thought it would be fairly easy. Mordecai is famous for placing critical damage and Crawmerax is basically MADE out of Critical hit spots, right? So why wouldn’t it be easy? Well, we’ll get to that. First I have to say that my initial 20+ desperate attempts didn’t succeed. At all. Mordecai would inevitably get taken down and if he ever got back up, there were 5 immediate threats in every direction. Even if no one was around, he’d back up into a newly risen purple one and get clobbered. … Continue reading

Bullet Velocity and Borderlands’ Best Weapons

On my first playthrough I was Roland and I used a Combat Rifles as my main weapon. I wasn’t close to finding any of Borderlands’ best weapons yet, but I remember being amazed when I found a blue AR Stomper with 220 damage. It was about twice as much damage as any Combat Rifle I’d come across and I ended up keeping it for a long time. It fired 3 shot bursts and if I could make all 3 criticals, the target would usually either stumble or just give up. One thing about it seemed odd though – it was … Continue reading

Top 5 Borderlands’ Best Weapons to kill Crawmerax the Invincible

Killing Crawmerax is hands down the quickest way to get amazing loot. Every time you fell this monstrous pinata, you can expect something like 30 items on the ground including a few oranges, lots of purples and maybe even a pearlescent. Want another go? It’s as easy as exiting the lair and waltzing back in. Crawmerax will be waiting at the top of the elevator with another few dozen prizes inside. It sounds simple enough, but killing Crawmerax isn’t necessarily easy. Having some of Borderlands’ best weapons can make all the difference though. Out of all Borderlands’ best weapons, these … Continue reading

Damage Delivery and Borderlands’ Best Weapons

Borderlands best weapons are not always easy to spot. There are many factors to consider; and what’s best for one class of weapons may not apply to another. For example, I remember how my first few experiences with Skullmashers were lukewarm because I was always disappointed in the fire rate of 0.4 or 0.5. I figured the best Skullmasher probably had something like 1.0 and I kept looking for it. It never dropped. Turns out the fastest one of all – a VRR550 – tops out at 0.6. And it also turns out that my current favorite one – a … Continue reading

Borderlands’ Best Weapons In Terms Of Fun!

This site is generally about Borderlands’ Best Weapons in terms of raw, brutal functionality: e.g. which gun configurations get their job done the fastest. However, this particular post, like this thread, will focus on a different ‘best’ entirely: Borderlands Best Weapons for sheer entertainment value. In other words: toys (in keeping with the season). These things may or may not be the ultimate weapon for their class, but they excel at destructive delight and scathing satisfaction. In fact, I often find myself going out of my way to use these in absurd ‘what if’ scenarios just for fun. So without … Continue reading

Recoil, Stocks, and Borderlands Best Weapons

You may have noticed that guncards often list +xx% recoil reduction; and players often ignore the stat. Sometimes a gun’s stat list looks great with all +’s except there’s one line with -xx% recoil reduction (common with Atlas weapons). That’s harder to ignore. Minus sign? Come on! What’s up with that? What is this recoil reduction they speak of? If you play enough, you’ll notice that recoil reduction has something to do with accuracy, and the rumbling of your console controller. But you may ask: what, exactly, is the deal? And you may find almost nothing about it. The Wikia … Continue reading

How to get Borderlands Best Weapons

Most newcomers to Borderlands will get through a playthrough or two, maybe complete some DLCs and then start to wonder about finding some of the rare weapons they didn’t come across. And upon browsing this site they’ll probably say something like, “Holy crap. That repeater pistol blows away my best machine gun! Forget ‘Borderlands best weapons’ – how do I get something I can hopefully kill Crawmerax with?.” Yes the creators of Borderlands put a lot of effort into a stingy and mysterious loot generation system. It’s that witholding of incredible firepower that keeps people playing and playing. And the … Continue reading