Assault Rifles

Midrange mayhem! AR bodies are represented here, along with GRD bodied Tediores.

Machine Guns

High fire rates, decent accuracy and large magazines allow machine guns to deliver a devastating stream of damage all over a variety of situations. These galleries presently contain variants with stock5, the largest mag, and a scope (or the ‘dot sight’ if needed to get the ‘Shattering’ prefix).  Despite its small size and low damage, mag2 may be of interest since it comes with both a reload speed bonus and a recently discovered equip speed bonus(!).


Burst-fire Combat Rifles

Precise, versatile and efficient – a Crimson Lance favorite! Stockless variations are possible, but users of these guns are typically going to favor stock5 for accuracy, so the galleries below use that stock at the moment. Also, these all include the high capacity [18 shot] magazine, which results in a higher Gearcalc DPS number, but the standard [12 shot] magazine works just fine and is sometimes preferred because it reloads faster.


Single-shot Combat Rifles

Also known as Pounders, these serve as a kind of a high fire-rate sniper rifle for things that aren’t too far away.


26 Responses to Assault Rifles

  1. Andy says:

    The Punishing Raven weapon card under “Flat-Damage Burst-Fire Combat Rifles” links to a GearCalc page for a Punishing Guardian.

  2. Fixed. Thanks man!
    (you’ll probably have to clear your browser cache to see the change)

  3. Mos Anted says:

    The “Shattering Bastard” turns into a “Support Bastard” upon opening the GearCalc Link

  4. Good eye – that’s a bug in Gearcalc – here’s the workaround: “If anything else changes try unchecking the ‘Auto-naming’ box in gearcalc, hitting ‘calculate’, closing the gearcalc window, and then clicking on the guncard again. With Auto-naming off it should look just like on the guncard.” – from

  5. Noah says:

    I was looking at the Punishing Avengers. Would it not be feasible to use Intense accessories in place of the Deathly accessories? I understand that Deathly accessories are usually better due to damage improvement, but assault rifles, particularly single-shots, and most especially Avengers (+50% crit by default), are geared for aiming and getting crits. Due to stacking formulas, on a shot-by-shot basis, crit +X% is WAY over damage +X%, and 50 is already greater than 20. I wouldn’t dream of making this argument on, say, SMGs, but Avengers are quite specifically designed for this, don’t you think?

  6. This has actually been discussed quite a bit. If you do out the math with the right formula, Punishing acc does as much damage for crits and more damage for body shots, sadly rendering the Intense accessory a non-best.

  7. someguyon\ says:

    i dont know whats the best class e.g. the commando …and what gun manufacturer is best …i vote jacobs due to trigger finger and bandit for high munition capacity in 1 mag

  8. pineapple inc. says:

    you should add the draco as a fixed draco too, if you change the title inside willowtree to “gd_weap_support_machinegun.Title.TitleM_SandS_Draco” it gets turned into a Glorious Draco instead of the Glorious Massacre.

  9. At that point it wouldn’t be ‘legit’ though ; )

  10. Amnia Victor says:

    I have #SS GMG 370×4 fire, I don’t know,but it’s not modded???? Draco

  11. paul kersey says:

    question on the ogre. I see that none of the top explosive guns that are ogres have a times 4 multiplier. why is this? I have ogres in the 370 range that are times 4. I also have the (perfect damage ogre at level 68 with 422 damage. but I want it in times 4. is this possible? if not why?

  12. For the standard ogre to get enough tech for an x4, it needs the lower DPS but tech-rich ‘TCH’ body instead of the optimal DPS but lower-tech AR body. However, an Ajax Spear with the ogre accessory can have an AR body and reach x4 due to the tech given by the Ajax barrel. Pretty rare though : )

  13. paul kersey says:

    WOW! thank you for the quick response! maybe I was not specific enough though in my description of my guns. The only ogres I keep have the AR body. this far into farming an almost 10 year old game why keep anything but the best? I cant post a screen shot but with this info maybe you can reverse engineer my gun. lvl.66 AR490 pearl ogre dmg.367 acc.86.7 fr12.5 clip55 specs on bottom of gun card are +31 mag size +48 recoil red +83% damage x4 explosive. Parts are body5 stock4 barrel3 mag5 sight none. My almost perferct max damage ogre gun card reads these stats. lvl68 AR490 pearl ogre. damage 422 acc 84.6 fr12.5 +31 mag size +29% recoil reduction +104% damage x3 explosive. parts are the same except for the barrel. it has barrel 4. My question to you is what has to spawn on the gun to get x4? I see no difference in the guns appearance besides the barrel.

  14. ah ha barrel3 is the ‘tech barrel’, so there we have it. It adds enough tech to reach x4 in this case but it is generally considered sub-optimal because of its reduced damage. Barrel4 adds tech but not enough to hit the x4. Without double-checking, I think the other components that add tech between these two guns are are the ogre accessory, mag5, Pearl material and the AR body.

  15. paul kersey says:

    You are the man! thank you very much!

  16. paul kersey says:

    One more question. in your opinion, at equal level, which is the better gun? I love having x4 element but I love high damage as well. how often will the ogre with less tech proc x4 is the real question.

  17. The x4 blast is fun to watch but the way the ogre accessory procs (some procs are free), having the x4 is not important for…killing everything. DPS-wise the barrel3 won’t beat barrel4 or barrel5, but whatever works. That said, I’m still farming for my perfect Ajax Ogre.

  18. paul kersey says:

    sorry about the error in my last msg. I meant more tech, not less. the grind is real… I farmed for an ajax ogre on my way to the farmory. sadly I have seen 5 or 6 ajax ogres always with the HLK or HVY body. never AR. ive even got a x4 fire ajax spear once. I thought that was pretty epic, but no AR body ajax ogres for this guy…

  19. paul kersey says:

    okay. im first going to apologize beacaus ei always seem to cause conflict or have an opinion that everyone doesnt agree with. we have talked about what parts do wha in my questions on the ogre th epast few days. well I have a fe wof them and one in particular is not addinn gup to one of your best weapons cards. I have a lvl68 490 glorious ogre with barrel 5. now because the stock and the sight CANNOT increase weapon damage, how does the level 69 glorious ogre with barrel have +83% damage when the one I have says tha t the increase in weapon damage is +78%? I cross referenced this quite a few times with other ogres I have stashed away and what im saying adds up. I have a lvl 68 490 pearl ogre without scope different stock same barrel as the one in the best guns list and everything is then same except for recoil reduction because of the stock and different damage because of the difference in level. to the guy ive been talkin to. I can uoload pics to my email but that’s all iknow how to do at this time without some assistance. I don’t play online but have friends that do that may be able to show these cards if email is not an option. please respond as I love this game and want to know everything and do everything.

  20. Atlas mat2 (+83% one in this case) is higher damage than mat1 (the +78% one in this case). mat2 seems super rare though.

  21. paul kersey says:

    is there any difference in appearance as I see none if this is the case. all my glorious ogres have a whitish skin and my pearls have the white and black skin.

  22. Theoretically Atlas mat2 is whiter – and you might have seen it on Atlas guns with the ‘White’ prefix – but personally I don’t know if I could easily spot the difference without placing mat1 and mat2 side by side. I think most people figure it out via the oddly enhanced damage multiplier like you did.

  23. paul kersey says:

    why would they make them so hard to identify? I do have a white ogre but it is pretty bad. its one of two ogres ive come across that counterdict the wiki because they only have a x2 multipier. I will cross reference the gun when I get home.

  24. paul kersey says:

    material grade 1 for atlas on the wiki shows an very dark skin. a skin I don’t think I have seen. Is this skin colored incorrectly?

  25. Atlas mat1 is all over the place in-game so if it looks unusually dark on the wiki, it’s unusually dark on the wiki

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