Love em or hate em, these relics of an ancient alien civilization are certainly…different. Things like creepy organic design, slow-charging energy magazines, and a tendency to reduce a character’s movement speed really set them apart. On the upside, they’ll never run out of ammo and the elemental ones always proc. Plus the Thunderstorm sounds awesome.  Note: these are all mag4 variants because it wins on DPS, but some prefer mag6’s quicker recharge.


6 Responses to Eridians

  1. Heather says:

    This particular post, “Borderlands’ Best Eridians” demonstrates the fact that u actually comprehend exactly what you’re talking about!
    I totally agree. Thanks -Elwood

  2. kyle says:

    how did you find those. i have only found the green ones and not all the ones u have. what!!!

  3. brandon says:

    could you show me how to get them my xboxlive gamertag is crazy bluetaco8

  4. That Guy says:


    Honestly I don’t like Eridian Weapons but these ones are pretty awesome and also I have never even heard of the 101100 Firebomb just sweet.

  5. TheVG1004 says:

    The stats are different than they come out as in WillowTree. Like a weapon in this site says max 333 damage but WillowTree says 212 is max.

  6. did you change the level in willowtree? gearcalc only outputs level 61

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