• Q: What are the highest legit gun levels and Where can level 68 and level 69 guns be found?
    A: First know that Pearlescents and DLC3 Eridians top out at level 68.  Every other gun or shield, or grenade mod can be found at level 69:  1.) in Loot Goon chests 2.) dropped from the Crimson Shorty  3.) in Vendors (exception: machine guns cannot be found in vendors).  Note that any and all finds from Crawmerax or non-Loot Goon chests of any kind will also top out at level 68. Class Mods only go up to 55.
  • Q: Wow.  So that^ must mean maxxed out level 69 guns are EXTREMELY rare?
    A: Indeed. Very very rare.
  • Q: How can I find the level 68 damage number if the guncard here is level 69?
    A: Multiply the level 69 damage number by .98277
  • Q: If I went to Gearcalc to change something, how can I find the new level 68 or 69 damage number?
    A: Gearcalc only goes up to level 61, so to get the higher level damage figure (round normally):
    61 -> 66: multiply the damage number by 1.1
    61 -> 67: multiply the damage number by 1.12
    61 -> 68: multiply the damage number by 1.141
    61 -> 69: multiply the damage number by 1.161
  • Q: Where can the Gearbox guns be found?
    A: For the Rider, that basement in New Haven; all the other ones can come from The Circle of Duty ( see this thread).
  • Q: Why do almost all guns here have the scope with highest zoom?
    A: BBG is presently standardized on the scope with the highest zoom, unless 1. such a scope blocks a good prefix i.e. Vile, Shattering or 2. unless the ‘tech scope’, when applicable, pushes up the elemental multiplier from something like 2x to 3x, say.  “Standardized?”, you may ask, “Why?”  Because history tells us that scopes are notoriously difficult to come to a concensus about.  tom12121112 put it concisely :”Scopes are completely preference, so i would say put scope5 for the sake of “max statedness”.  We’re not saying that sight5 is the best thing to use in-game; just that standardizing on it is a low controversy approach.  And FWIW, the highest zoom really helps with accuracy – more so than in real life – it actually reduces the ‘spread’ of shots fired when you’re scoped in (excellent pic here).
  • Q: Why do the names of some guns change, or say ‘Gear is not Legit’, when I look at them in Gearcalc?
    A: Ignore the ‘Gear is not legit’ message, as gearcalc is not perfect. The only thing that should change in gearcalc is the level and the damage of a gun (or shield capacity). If anything else changes, do this: uncheck the ‘Auto-naming’ box in gearcalc, then hit ‘calculate’, then close the gearcalc window, and then click on the guncard again. With Auto-naming off it should look just like on the guncard.
  • Q: Why aren’t there Gearcalc links for Class Mods or Grenade Mods?
    A: Gearcalc doesn’t support those item types, unfortunately. To create their gun cards, they had to be constructed by hand in Willowtree and doublechecked against in-game finds.
  • Q: Why isn’t a gun I have represented here?
    A: Chances are, it’s because there’s a better version of that gun in here with a slightly different name. There have been many revisions to the archive over the last several months and now it’s at the point where it is pretty much authoritative in the view of the Gearchat forum community. Thus if you don’t see your gun here, there’s probably a reason for it, and you can probably figure out what that reason is with Gearcalc by going to the closest match in the archive and tweaking its Gearcalc page to match your gun. Compare the DPS numbers and it’s likely the version here will eke out a victory. Also feel free to contact me with questions (see contact page) or post about it in the Gearchat forum (link on home page).


10 Responses to FAQ

  1. Paul says:

    Hey, did you find all of these in the game? I would really like to know where the AX300 XX Unforgiven can be found. It seems there are only a limited number of places you can actually farm lvl 69 weapons are, which makes it mind boggling to think one person found all of these weapons.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have a lot of near maxxed stuff between 66 and 68 on Xbox, but all of these gun cards on here were created on PC for reference purposes rather than found. The front page of the site goes into some detail about how the ‘best legit possibles’ are determined but it essentially comes down to the cumulative experience of the Gearchat forum from since Borderlands came out. (The Gearchat forum is a subforum of the Gearbox Borderlands forums)

    Anyhow, the only places to get a level 69 Unforgiven Masher would be: from a weapons vendor, the Crimson shorty, or a Loot Goon. Would I recommend farming those for one? NO WAY! If you HAD to farm for an AX300 XX UF Masher, I’d say [settle for a 66-68 and] get to know Crawmerax real well BUT then again I wouldn’t farm for a particular really rare thing at all – I would trade for it. There are a lot of people with a lot of good legitimately found stuff on the Gearbox Borderlands forum that would be happy to either trade or just give you most anything you can think of.
    For awhile I decided I was going to intensely farm for a Mat2 barrel5 AR590 Glorious Ogre but instead I found just about everything but lol: a lot a amazing stuff, including at least one of every pearl. No Mat2 barrel5 AR590 Glorious Ogre yet, but in the course of the struggle I reached a point where I was just happy to play and find whatever good stuff came my way. As far as I know, nobody has ever found a Mat2 barrel5 AR590 Glorious Ogre, but when it happens, I will certainly try to trade for it : )

  3. Paul says:

    What I meant to say was, did you personally find all of these in the game. Looking back at what I wrote, it seems to suggest I am asking you if you found all of the weapons in the Borderlands game. And yeah, I am really curious about that 69 Unforgiven Masher. I realize that loot is random and all that jazz, but if I could have an idea of where to look, that would would be very helpful. Thanks

  4. I have not personally found all of these maxxed items in the game, but I have probably found non-maxxed versions of all or almost all these items in the game. If you were steadfastly determined to find your own perfect level 66-68 UF Masher, and trading was not an option, I would say farm Crawmerax with Lilith and go to the armory every 10 or 20 times you killed Crawmerax, and go on fun let’s-kill-stuff excursions every now and then. Within some number of weeks or months, you would probably get that masher. I recommend Lilith for this task over the other characters because pmadmoxxi (a Gearchat forum member) farmed pretty much exclusively with a Siren and found more amazing Unforgiven Mashers than anyone I’ve seen (he even got a perfect Aries!). He also unplugged his Xbox between farming sessions and never connected to Live (when farming) so that the clock would get reset. The Xbox would therefore see the same time and date whenever he was farming and he suspected this influenced the loot somehow. I have personally never tried the clock reset method and I’ve never farmed with Lilith. I got my perfect AX300 XX Unforgiven masher (no scope : ) after months of farming with Brick.

  5. Bentu says:

    If your still answering questions can you tell me what legit names prefix the Ogre. eg Pearl, Glorious.


  6. Hi Bentu – the only other one that I’ve personally found is Max, and I think Heavy but iirc there may have been a White Ogre in one of Panics competitions.

  7. Shibu says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, exactly how rare are Loyalty Mods, and where does one find them? I’ve found 2 Pearlescents, 2 perfect shields, and numerous other pieces of top tier loot, but I have yet to find a Loyalty Mod at all.

  8. Oops missed your comment: Crawmerax is the best general source but they don’t come easy. I’ve heard of them showing up in the Armory too but iirc it’s insanely rare. Also, the Omega Assassins can drop the Specter COM and Truxican wrestlers can drop their COM. There might be other sources for specific COMS; I can’t recall at the moment.

  9. DarkLeogriff says:

    Its says that “3.) in Vendors (exception: machine guns cannot be found in vendors).” Do you mean that you cannot get a level 69 SMG from the vendor?

  10. SMGs can be found in vendors but not machine guns like Havocs, Massacres, Maulers etc

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