Holy Grails

Sometimes you figure out what you want in Borderlands and it happens to be something very rare. Finding it becomes your proverbial quest for the Holy Grail. Here is a gallery of what some people are searching for. There is presently a limit of one grail at a time per person, but Szyslak gets grandfathered as an exception because of his contribution to the Mission Rewards & Boss Drops sections.  Check out this thread if you’re interested in putting something up. Last updated 7/3/12.

One Response to Holy Grails

  1. interplanetarygayben says:

    lvl 58 blue dahl stomper with 91.7% acc, 550 damage and a RoF of 15, comes with a 1.4x scope. It’s a lost lower level perfect weapon I came across one day in 2011 when I was in 6th grade

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