Repeater Pistols

Small, yes, but mighty.

Machine Pistols

Serious damage output in the palm of your hand…best used aggressively in the face of danger. Without a stock to fight the the relentless recoil, machine pistols aren’t usually very accurate, but when you’re already that close to the face of danger, who cares? For the sake of consistency, these will all have Sight5 unless Sight3 allows a better prefix i.e. “Vile”. TMP is the only machine pistol body and ‘8’ is the best & largest mag.


Repeater Pistols

Like fine wine…repeater pistols seem to get more appreciation from players over time. When you first get the game, they might seem weak next to the rest of your arsenal, but when you start to see how often elementals proc, they take on a new shine. Then you start using them more and…soon you’re able to identify action5 from 20 paces and you’ve got a needler collection. High ROF TK bodies are represented here, along with PRO bodied Tediores. ‘5’ is the best & largest mag.


HRD Repeater Pistols

These galleries hold the alternative ‘HRD’ variants [higher damage per shot / lower fire-rate]. Some people prefer the HRDs, and they’re probably more manly for it.


10 Responses to Repeater Pistols

  1. Mos Anted says:

    Te first Nasty Troll image links instead to an S&S Nasty Raptor

  2. all fixed now. Thank you, sir!

  3. CarlRaven says:

    The TK5 Explosive Steel Violator link leads to a non-elemental TK5 Nasty Violator GearCalc page.

    Awesome site by the way! I’m CarlRaven on the Gearbox Software forums by the way, but I don’t go there nowadays.

    I’ll try and find some more weapons that lead to the wrong GearCalc page links during my free time.

  4. James Gresley says:

    The first Blast Protector links to the nasty protector.

  5. thanks! I will check it out soon. not sure why I didn’t get an alert about your comment…9 months ago

  6. 42nd Goof says:

    Have you considered adding in a Hornet Dove variant? I know it doesn’t have the dps of a lot of these guns, but it does the job, and is one of the rarer/harder to get pt 2.5 guns.

  7. Yeah IIRC it was considered but the issue came down to DPS as Dove barrel has no damage bonus and a weird inverse reduced accuracy:

    Manufacturer: Dahl
    Accuracy Minimum: -40%

    Accuracy Maximum: -10%

    vs barrel4:

    Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Damage: +30%

  8. Random Guy26 says:

    I was wondering, why does the HRD Firehawk in the gallery only use the Maliwan Mat 2? Shouldn’t it use 3, since it offers better stats

  9. Mat2 allows the superior ‘Nasty’ prefix, whereas Mat3 would make it merely ‘Cobalt’

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