6 guns and 2 shot hand cannons.  The question is: do you feel lucky?

Revolvers range from mini-shotguns to handheld snipers with incredible accuracy. They also come with two secret bonus effects: 1. a 100% critical hit bonus 2. elementals always ‘proc’ at least a little. These galleries presently contain two stock/mag versions: AX300s have the all around best stock [and therefore good recoil reduction] and a 6 shot mag that increases the fire rate. AX10s have a smaller [2 shot] mag but offer way higher damage per shot and no stock, so they equip and reload very quickly. Note that these are just two of several nice variations. AX bodies are represent here, along with EQ bodied Tediores.

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  1. Cyrixblack says:

    Im interested in a corrosive with GIVE SICK but no silly scope fitted… what do I do to the weapon to remove the scope?

  2. If you click on the big guncard of the gun you want, it’ll show the gearcalc page for it where you can change the scope or anything else about it.

  3. Cyrixblack says:

    Thanks man, I just done PL2 do doing zombie island and my corrosive weps doing bigger all. So going back to my Bessie and masher combo :)

  4. Frightning Lightning says:

    Where is the barrel4 Jakobs AX10 XX Savage Masher?

  5. The accuracy with XX material was below what I thought would be considered “best”, so I left it out. Even the ZZ only makes it to 86. I can add the XX as a grail of yours or you could motion for its inclusion here via the development thread:

  6. allen bishop says:

    my revolver is best in the game it does 1633×5 plus proficiency level 50 an plus 61% damage an plus 200 something damage my gamertag is SASUKEfreak25 on xbox live i dont got internet so dont try adding me yet that is if you have one better

  7. Hi Allen, That’s a modded gun for sure. It probably has shredder in the title. Lots of crazy stuff is possible if someone makes a gun up and imports it into their save; this site is about the best stuff that can spawn in the game legitimately. I can’t find a good modded gun reference thread right now, but I’ll put the link up here when I find one in case you’re interested.

  8. Ok I found it – here’s a good reference to tell if a gun is modded:

  9. Mylaw says:

    Dude, I hate scope thing, there’s a way to remove the scope from the revolver?

  10. you can’t change the picture on the site but you could go to the gun’s gearcalc link and change it there (sight5 -> sight_none)

  11. allen bishop says:

    do you have facebook????? my comments keep getting removed

  12. Hi Allen,
    Your comments are getting removed when they have nothing to do with revolvers. Please use the contact page on the site for off topic stuff:

  13. Griffinith says:

    Sweet. I love this website. I found a Masher today. it’s 545×7 damage.. Only 20 away from the highest possible shown on this site. I’m pleased enough with that. Thank you Craw!

  14. Scott says:

    Hey, a couple of things about the Aries’. Firstly Is there a way (I doubt it, but I figured I’d ask) to increase the lightning from x2 to x3 on the AX300?(Also, I assume that this is obvious, and also why they are AX300’s and not something else, but I’d like it to stay a six-shooter.)

    And secondly, on the AX10’s, they have no stock according to Gearcalc. Why is that?

  15. The MAL body would increase the tech pool iirc but in terms of DPS it’s not worth it. In this case no stock means more recoil (crosshairs go wider) between shots but faster reload speed. Stockless is not as good for precision, but it’s often preferred here.

  16. Scott says:

    Ah, thanks. Also, your response time was amazing. I didn’t think this site would be monitored as much seeing as it’s for the first borderlands.

  17. That Guy says:

    AX300 C Pestilent Defiler in Corrosive category is a really good weapon to use on the Lance defender and Engineers and Infantry’s and Medic, Only problem is that I want a gun that has 6 bullets and does corrosive damage as an element and the damage is in the 1,200 area. Is this possible????

  18. Revolva says:

    This is all well and good, but I need the willowtree codes for these revolvers. I’ve played this game so long and still haven’t got an unforgiven masher so I kinda need the codes

  19. Nedit says:

    Greetz. Just curious, why do so many guns show certain numbers (damage, accuracy, etc) here on the web site, and different numbers on the gear calc page. For instance, the AX10D Desert Anaconda shows damage 1481 here, and 1275 on the gear calc page. Sorry if this has been clarified already and I just missed it.

  20. Gearcalc only goes up to level 61 whereas the best drops/chest-finds in-game with DLCs installed can be level 68. Vendors can vend level 69 guns, so any gun that can be found in a vendor is depicted on the site at level 69. Some things aren’t vended though, like pearlescents, so they’re shown on the site as 68. Loot goon chests are a weird exception but I can’t remember what it is; maybe they can contain level 69s.

  21. Nedit says:

    duh… Thanks, I forgot about the level. :)

  22. Farlarzia says:

    Today is a good day, managed to find a AX10 XX Bloody unforgiven, with 200% Melee damage, 1664 base damage, at level 68.
    This thing is a beast.

    Thanks for the site for helping me farm ridiculous weapons and know what they look like!

  23. aztore says:

    Where is Savage Shimera,Bloody Anaconda,Savage Equilazer??

  24. Wrongside46 says:

    Well just a question i found many 3 magazine sice revs, but since they lack the dps that 6’s have, i wonder what kind of stock and mag should i point to farm? ax300? ax330? maybe?

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