Rocket Launchers

Missiles for every occasion. Variants with Helix, Spread, 2-shot and Legendary barrels are accounted for at this point. RWL is the optimal launcher body and stock5 (‘7′) is the optimal stock. High damage Mag4 (’60’) and Fast reload Mag5 (’70’) variants are represented. In terms of actual damage per second the RWL770s win, but people almost always prefer the higher damage per shot RWL760s.

Note: launchers that look like shotguns can be found in the Jackal and Carnage gallery (see Shotguns).

6 Responses to Rocket Launchers

  1. Frightning_Lightning says:

    Where are the 1-shot Launchers, on a Brick, the 1 less mag size is well worth the increased damage!

  2. duke says:

    I have a rocket lancher that is 3339 x3 and it sould be on thar

  3. *wrong buzzer* It must be modded – a level 69 torgue helix with devastating accessory only gets to 3 x 2465.

  4. Gee says:

    Couple Leviatan cards show fire rate 1.2 ,but in gearcalc have 1.4 .

  5. Good eye; unfortunately that’s just how the Leviathan comes out in-game, despite having the Evil accessory. It appears that its fire rate is inherently limited to 1.2.

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