Shields, Class Mods & Grenade Mods


Shields constitute a vital buffer between your character and bullets. Some shields are thin (but bounce back quickly), some are huge (but recharge slowly), and others fall somewhere in between. The three optimal bodies (AWE, XC & OS) are represented here in conjunction with each brand’s special twist. The best shield for you is the one that fits your playstyle.


Class Mods (COMS)

Class Mods augment your character’s abilities in certain specific areas so you can adapt to different situations (or make the most of certain items). For example: one fight might call for extreme survivability, whereas another might call for extreme damage output. No problem! With Class Mods you can change up your whole approach in a jiffy, without changing your skill points around. Some Class Mods are known as Loyalty Mods because they augment only the items of a certain brand. Lots of different tried and true Class Mod setups can be found on the Gearbox Forum, where they are known as ‘builds’.   Note that the skill with the +4 is often a matter of preference and a COM having a certain +4 doesn’t necessarily make it better than the same COM with a different +4.


Grenade Mods

Without grenade mods, your grenades just blow up explosively. With a grenade mod, they can move differently, or blow up in various patterns, and inflict any kind of elemental damage. Sweet!


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  1. Confury says:

    Maxed out Survivor class mods are missing for the Hunter.

  2. Right you are! Sorry I missed that. Thanks for the heads up. Will fix tomorrow morning. I’ll email you when they’re up.

    EDIT: fixed.

  3. Confury says:

    Thanks for the quick reply =D Love the site btw, incredibly useful as a reference guide to good gear.

  4. Adam says:

    Yes the mercenary on Xbox 360 is 61 Damage and 28 on regen for a maxed out level 55

  5. adam says:

    Was going to say forgot i play as siren and on xbox i dont know about any other pc or ps3 you can go up to 61 damage on plaguebearer and tempest i find them all the time on craw or armory hope this helps kind of sucks firefly is not 61 :(

  6. thanks man. I put up notes in their asking for secondary confirmation on xbox and ps3. (clear your browser cache to see the notes).

  7. Frightning_Lightning says:

    Some of the choices for the +4 on the class mods are questionable. I’ll see about going through them soon and listing them on the forum post.

  8. Cool that should be interesting

  9. Brandon says:

    Yes i play on ps3 and i have a plaguebearer up to 61% and a mercenary at 61%

  10. ReRuNx88x says:

    Still new to this all – but I agree with everyone else that this is a great setup you have here. I did come across either a problem with some of the MODS or I’m doing it wrong. Weapons and Shields all are great, clicked on specific item and it brought me to the next page where I could Export the code. The problem I’m having is when I try to do the same with any of the “CLASS MODS” it just opens another page with the JPG of the picture I clicked on. So when I pick a class mod, then click on the picture of the mod that I picked it usually brings me to the Gear Calculator page where I can then make changes if I want or just export – but instead it opens another page with just the JPEG of the picture.
    It’s possible that it’s done differently with these and I’m just unaware – if so please let me know what It is that I’m doing wrong or need to do – Thank you!

  11. Thanks ReRuNx88x; as for the COMS, see the second to last question in the FAQ.

  12. Ashley says:

    Hi, I’m on level 69 and I cannot find any class modes higher than level 35, I’ve been searching everywhere. especially on the last levels. Does anyone know how to get class modes that have level 50 and higher?

  13. Sounds like you’re playing in playthrough 1; if so playthrough 2 will have higher level COMs.

  14. ChrisPBaken says:

    Hey man, I know this is old but the Tempist class mod does infact display as a 61% increase on the 360.

  15. Satan says:

    the class mods are only pictures i need class mods

  16. Satan says:

    The COMS are only pictures

  17. Satan says:

    UFKHBA onGearchatForum i want this website to be fixed all COMs are pictures

  18. Satan, Gearcalc doesn’t support COMS

  19. pineapple inc. says:

    if the class mods are only pics than how the F am i supposed to have them?

  20. MW2366 says:

    I know this is like, several months late, but here’s a comprehensive list of all Class MOD’s

    For referencing purposes in order:

    Material Effect 1
    leftside 1-6
    leftside 1b-6b
    leftside 1c-6c
    Material Effect 2
    Material Effect 3

    As for rightside1-6
    that’s used for modifying skill boosts and material effects, which is also based on level.

  21. MW2366 says:

    Ah, forgot, 100-600 is based for left, and 10-60 is based for right.

  22. Lord Emperor says:


    the classmods don´t have gear calc links when clicked on. Could you please fix that? I just get a bigger picture when clicking on the thumnails.

    Thank you very much! Great website!!! Almost gave up after killing crawmerax 400 times just getting an ironclad… XD

  23. Thanks! but what you ask is impossible because Gearcalc doesn’t support class mods

  24. Lord Emperor says:

    Oh that´s why! Sorry, didn´t know that! Maybe I should have read the posts above. Sorry XD

    Well, thanks again and have a nice time!!!

  25. Kill.3 says:

    it’s nice that there are pictures from classmods but it is not pssible to see the code

  26. King Asgore says:

    The Class-Mods just showing pictures, and don’t open the gear calc öÖ.

  27. aztore says:

    Can you help me to find Enchanted Dahl skill mode for Lilith? Where can i find it? Thanks!

  28. I dunno what that means

  29. Vary says:

    hi i like this website alot. could you add guides on obtaining these items legit as well as the mod links? would be nice thanks :)

  30. Vary says:

    oh and btw both of brick’s blast master classes show +42% elemental effect chance

  31. cookiestorm says:

    For some reason, when I try to click on the guncard to go to Gearcalc for Liliths’ class mods, it just takes me to an image of the class mod. Is it supposed to do that or is it just an error for me?

  32. normal – gearcalc doesn’t do classmods

  33. it’s pretty much all about Crawmerax and the Armory. There used to be plenty of loot guides on the old gearbox forum but I’m not sure if they’re still accessible or not. The BL reddit probably has something.

  34. paul kersey says:

    660 shock trooper is +61% shock damage. not +60%. make the change and be done with it. I don’t need a reply. just make the correction. thank you: )

  35. it’s a platform thing; it shows 61% on xbox and 60% on pc

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