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Assault Shotguns

Assault Shotguns have cartridge mags and high fire rates. All of them shoot 7 projectiles per trigger pull, and most hold up to 7 rounds in a clip. These galleries only contain ZPR43s presently, which is a stockless variant. A ZPR630 would mean the same mag with the best stock, and hence better recoil reduction. ZPR bodies are represented here.


Combat Shotguns

Combat Shotguns have big revolver-like mags and more damage per shot than their Assault Shotgun brethren. Pojectile counts range from 7 to 12, and accuracy varies greatly, and the damage can be massive. These galleries presently contain two stock/mag versions: ZPR1200s have the best stock [and therefore good recoil reduction] as well as a huge [~12 shot] mag. ZPR15s have a smaller [2 shot] mag but offer higher damage per shot and no stock, so they equip and reload very quickly. Note that these are just two of several desirable variations. ZPR bodies are represented here, along with DEF bodied Tediores.


18 Responses to Shotguns

  1. Andy says:

    Both of the Crimson Butcher assault shotgun cards listed under ‘Flat Damage Assault Shotguns’ link to a gearcalc page for an Angry Brute rather than the Butcher.

  2. Fixed (although you won’t see a change here until you clear your browser cache). Thanks for the heads up, Andy!

  3. Alex says:

    Do you have any plans for including non-legendary/pearlescent carnages? Great site, btw. It really helps with my weapon farming.

  4. thanks man! (carnage discussion moved to the Gearbox forum development thread)

  5. tom12121112 says:

    that guy!

    the SnS angry death also links to a B4 brute in gearcalc.

    told ya here cause da forums are down.

  6. correctionated.
    (if anyone can’t see the fix, try clearing your browser cache)

    wow the forums!

  7. J4L0K1N says:

    Why don’t you get rid of the Jakobs XX Carnages? They only provide 9-11 damage more than the much accurate ZZ versions.

  8. yeah I noticed that when I was making them – I agree – I left them in because people always seem to want XX represented. You could motion for XX removal on the Gearchat development thread if you want – 2 supporting votes and it goes to community poll. I can’t vote though :P

  9. Noah says:

    I don’t know whether or not his has been brought up before, but what about a barrel5 Blast Hammer? There’s a massive accuracy difference at a relatively miniscule damage detriment. There may be other cases in which barrrel5 representation might be in order; I’m just commenting before I forget.

  10. Good question; the thing with the Blast Hammer though is that it has a fixed spread pattern (an outline of a hammer) and therefore its accuracy number is superfluous. Therefore barrel4, with its max damage, becomes the clear winner.

  11. Frightning Lightning says:

    Where are the mat1 and mat3 (XX) Strikers in the ’15’ gallery?

  12. iirc they aren’t Strikers because of their lower accuracy


    i have a shotgun that i would like to see on here its got 432×9 damage 79.6 accuracy and .4 fire rate


    i dont know the specifications for it but its my favorite shotgun the only thing i will add is the name is distant skullsmasher

  15. Aha – although a Skullsmasher fires barrage of pellets like a shotgun, it’s classified as sniper rifle. They are sweet but if yours is x9 then it has to have been modded. They only have x6 projectiles.

  16. Leo02 says:

    Although the Hydra is a legendary weapon it makes no sense because it is fairly simple to find.

  17. FoxDE says:

    There is no carnage listed for the Friendly Fire (unless I missed it, but I went over it twice.) I just found one and wanted to know what the best could be (do they only do 1 fire element when they’re a carnage?)

  18. I don’t remember what the deal with the FF carnage is but I’m pretty sure it ends up not being that great. If I remember I’ll get back to you.

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