Apply bullets in long, smooth strokes for an evenly finished enemy. SMGs are like machine pistols with stocks. Crazy fire rates and reload speeds, but with more control. And bigger clips. These galleries contain variants with stock5 and mag3 (and some stockless anarchies too). The larger mag4 is preferred by some players, especially for flat damage guns. And mag5 isn’t far behind given fairly high capacity and +1 to tech (mag 3 gives +2 to tech). For close quarters work, some players may prefer stockless versions of these SMGs (e.g. HX130) which get a reload & equip speed bonus at the expense of recoil reduction. HX bodies are represented here, along with SV bodied Tediores.


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  1. Grokas says:

    Might want to add mine to your collection

    its a x4 btw

  2. Hi Grokas,
    Some people prefer the larger mag4 for anarchies, but the damage per second isn’t quite as good as with superfast-reloading-mag3 (the banana mag). I could put in a 540 and/or a 140 if you want but not a 440. 440 means stock4 and stock4 comes with a 20% reload speed penalty. Stock5 (540) has no reload penalty and stockless (140) would make for even faster reload but less recoil reduction (which some people don’t care about on an anarchy anyway).

    if you’re interested, this guide describes all the parts:

  3. BenNeg says:

    I was wondering if you had any 58 clip size HX Steel Stingers? I have a level 61 one that matches yours fairly well, but it has a larger clip. I can’t show the weapon card, but the stats are this:
    HX 4 Steel Stinger (Level 61)
    58 clip size
    4.3x zoom, +44% recoil reduction (Said other stuff too, like increased damage, but those things are already shown).

  4. Hi Beneg,
    That sounds kind of like this:
    which is a mag4 variant. As with the anarchy Grokas mentioned above, mag4’s can’t quite top the DPS of the mag3’s represented in the gallery, but it’s definitely a preference thing. The banana mag doesn’t have the most bullets in it, but the reload speed bonus more than makes up for it.

  5. Morten Ovell says:

    Hi, first time to leave a question here and I’m from Norway so I hope it works. I have been lucky enough to get the wildcats in all elements and im not that into the letter and number prefixes. Could you tell me what HX 5400(Erupting Wildcat lvl 67 x4 element), and HX 4400(Desert Wildcat 3xcorrosive lvl 68). Last but not least could I bother you with a last one: HX 540 (Lightning Wildcat x4 element lvl 68). So, if you have the time; could you explain what the prefixes mean and the differences?

    Best regards

  6. Hi Morten,
    The Desert prefix means the gun has Dahl material 3 (aka looks like Desert camo). The ‘Desert’ prefix has a pretty high priority so it overrides most other prefixes – such as ‘Vitriolic’ – which is what you usually see on an x3 corrosive gun. The ‘Erupting’ prefix has an even higher priority than ‘Desert’ though and it means that a gun has a LOT of tech (the normal x3 prefix would be Detonating). Your HX 540D Erupting Wildcat probably has what’s called the ‘twisted barrel’ in gearcalc – on a flat damage gun it shoots spiral bullets, but on an elemental it shoots normal elemental bullets and adds enough tech to grant the ‘Erupting’ prefix. The Lightning Wildcat has material 1 which doesn’t come with a prefix, so it just has the normal elemental prefix for an x3.

  7. Noah says:

    Looking in the shock SMGs, I think that I should point out the fact that Gearcalc’s DPS comparison isn’t quite right. A Fulgurating Bitch really has higher DPS than a Lightning Stinger (either barrel), and that’s without considering the accuracy boost for more successful bullets. Those Maliwan Lightning Stingers are easily the best among generic shock SMGs, but some people may look at the two in Gearcalc and assume the DPS estimates to be correct, therefore taking an incorrect preference.

  8. Noah says:

    Also, I can’t believe that no one caught this before: Your description mentions mag5 as having “the same” tech bonus as mag3, but mag3 gives 2, whereas mag5 gives 1.

  9. Personally I would take a Bitch over a Maliwan stinger, but Gearcalc isn’t used to declare a category winner; only to determine the best one from each manufacturer.

  10. Aha you’re right – I can’t believe I didn’t catch that before!

  11. Noah says:

    Fair point. I just meant that it might cause some confusion for people who are just coming here to mod in the best weaps (ignoring manufacturers, ’cause not everyone wants every gun under the sky, and not everyone wants to build themselves around loyalty MODs) and see that. I noticed in your intro page that you mentioned that Gearcalc’s DPS calculations are used in determining what is the best. Perhaps you could edit in /there/ that Gearcalc is used only for relative comparison between like weapons of one manufacturer, not to, as you say, declare category winners.

  12. The writeup on the intro page already notes that each brands’ variants are represented: “So, instead, this site focuses on presenting a great variety of Borderlands’ best weapons and items. Generally speaking, we’re taking the standard top gun configs as suggested by A. the Gun Number ‘Best of’ List here and B. Gearcalc’s damage-per-second figure**, and going from there. In most cases, each brands’ barrel4 and barrel5 are presented, along with significant stock/mag variations if applicable.”

    Although Gearcalc provides the code for it, my intention in making the site was not to encourage modding guns into saves, but rather to help players size up their finds.

  13. asd says:

    Honestly, those entries lose credibility for me. I can understand that there is chance to get the best versions ever, however to have perfect versions of stock as well and even leveled up to 69 seems like people couldn`t get theyr hands off Willowtree to modify them according to theyr tastes.

  14. All the best-legit-possibles here have indeed been constructed for reference.

  15. asd says:

    btw, I noticed that there aren’t any wildcats included.

  16. True, this is because Wildcats are bad. I think there was even a community poll to decide this in the development thread.

  17. Detroit_Gamer says:

    Where is the wildcat?

  18. Brian says:

    Wildcat might as well be included whether or not the gun itself is on par with other guns. Plus whenever I find a legendary/pearl it’s good to have this site as reference as to whether you have the best version/s of the gun.

  19. That Guy says:

    hey guys

    SMG’s are my favorite gun in borderlands but these ones i have never seen before. Although i have seen the Combustion HellFire those ones are really rare. I don’t really like the Tsunamis theough. I don’t want it to bounce off walls and the ground and stuff. LOL :)

  20. Max says:

    People still come here? Sweet, and here I thought this place had died.

  21. Le Fatt says:

    Indeed they do Max. I was looking for info on wildcats after finding one in the armoury (along with 4 hellfires in one run!?) that has the stupendous accuracy of 1.3. Apparently its special effect is hitting everything, everywhere, maybe.

  22. Randomgamer says:

    How did you get that gearbox anarchy, I thought the rider was the only gearbox weapon

  23. I wouldn’t say that I got it, as these guncards are all constructed, but iirc it’s a possible [& super rare] circle of duty mission reward.

  24. Leo02 says:

    What is the highest damage a SMG could do until it is classified as “Modded”

  25. not sure. A thumper would have the highest damage number – but a low rate of fire – so it’s sucks. The HX body is the best for damage per second and all those versions are in the galleries. The Torgue HX530 Malevolent Stinger in the Vector gallery is the top damage vector SMG and its damage number is 308. A lot of people would prefer Hyperion though because they’re super accurate and have no recoil.

  26. Nedit says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still around, but just wanted to say this site is amazing and much appreciated. I’m knew to Borderlands (yeah, there are still some of us out there–noobs) and before finding this site I really knew nothing about weapons. This has been a life saver. Thanks.

  27. Thanks man! Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly considering how awesome BL1 is) this site has gotten 200 – 300 visitors a day since shortly after it launched – so you’re not alone :)

  28. NotVeryGood says:

    Can you pretty please maybe include some gearcalc links to perfect wildcats in the comments so I can compare mine to something?

  29. Wildcats are garbage but a so-called ‘perfect’ one would be like this link with either barrel4 or barrel5 with any accessory (vector, double, elemental):

  30. Wrongside46 says:

    I know that thumpers lack on dps but when using them as sporadic damage weapons, they have great damage, i would really reconsider having them as a subcategory.

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