Sniper Rifles

Pinpoint spike damage from afar. Both Bolt-action and Semi-auto snipers are included within the galleries below. All these variants use sight5 and stock5 unless stock3 bumps up the multiplier for elementals. There is a recoil penalty for stock3, but the chance to do more damage on the first shot is generally considered worth it for an elemental sniper, because they always proc as often as their tech pool will allow. For bolt action snipers, DVL bodies are represented. They have low ROF but high damage, and as such are the preferred ‘one-shot’ tool. For semi-auto snipers, PPZ bodies are represented. They have high ROF and pretty high damage.

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  1. andrew says:

    do you know any strong snipers of any kind with a lvl reqiurement lower than 40 and where there mostly found

  2. Hi andrew,
    All these snipers, or ones that are pretty close *could* theoretically appear as level 40 versions, but it seems much more likely to find perfect ones when you’re around level 69 due to the way the game’s loot engine seems to work. Plus, the chances of getting them from the Armory or Crawmerax is much higher than anywhere else, because of the sheer volume of loot you’ll get from those sources. For farming good snipers at level 40 though, it’s probably best to try the Crimson Fastness. Check this out:
    Also check out the Part Spotter’s Guide in the Resources section if you want to learn about identifying good sniper parts:

  3. Cyrixblack says:

    Does the fearsome Bessie not go to level 69?

  4. Correct- they can only spawn as high as level 68 in the game. Any level 69 Bessie is a fake. Max level rundown here:

  5. Cyrixblack says:

    Thanks for the info, I was given a level 4 Bessie on my new character. Proper ownage this early in the game!

  6. Level 4 would certainly be a fake. Bummer man! The lowest pearlescents I’ve heard of are level 48, although people think they might be possible as low as 34. The earliest way to get one would be opening a lance chest or killing a badass lance. See this thread:

  7. Cyrixblack says:

    Im loving corrosive snipers with my assassin class mod!

  8. Yeah I’ve seen a ridiculous Knoxx speedkill with a Assassin and a corrosive Invader (sniper)

  9. kinggray22 says:

    i have a lvl 62 DVL Anarchy Shredder with 1652×5 damage, 121% damage increase, and a x3 explosive effect, is this a fake?

  10. kinggray22 says:

    sorry that was a DVL590 Anarchy Shredder

  11. Yep that is a modded monstrosity for sure : (
    The title combines elements of a bolt action sniper, an SMG and a shotgun (LOL!)

  12. adam says:

    Was going to ask maybe if you could put up a desert penetrator if you get time thanks

  13. Will do soon.
    EDIT: Done.

  14. Adam says:

    On the rider gun you can glitch inside you have the right way to do some and farm for them I have found the the 299 damage one two times now use med kits on top of the place the door opens and use them on top takes alot but you can glitch inside farm for the rider level 68 hope it helps

  15. I looked into that glitch before I made the rider guncards and decided to stick with the normal levels because the medkit glitch seemed slightly too sheisty *shrug*. Thanks though.

  16. Frightning Lightning says:

    So I just noticed via gearcalc that the Lance title gives +15% Damage, hence there’s no reason to have the barrel4 non-legendary Hyperions snipers in the gallery, they have the exact same damage, and the barrel5 versions are more accurate.

  17. Interesting! I’ll look into this.

  18. pineapple inc. says:

    just a question outside this site, what is the name of the mat. for the white/green gearbox weapons?

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