Top 5 Borderlands’ Best Weapons to kill Crawmerax the Invincible

Killing Crawmerax is hands down the quickest way to get amazing loot. Every time you fell this monstrous pinata, you can expect something like 30 items on the ground including a few oranges, lots of purples and maybe even a pearlescent. Want another go? It’s as easy as exiting the lair and waltzing back in. Crawmerax will be waiting at the top of the elevator with another few dozen prizes inside. It sounds simple enough, but killing Crawmerax isn’t necessarily easy. Having some of Borderlands’ best weapons can make all the difference though. Out of all Borderlands’ best weapons, these 5 stand out as the go-to tools for taking care of business up on Crawmerax plateau (where applicable, brands should be chosen based on your preference and/or for supporting Class Mods):


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It almost seems like Mashers were made to kill Crawmerax. What is a masher though? Mashers are revolvers with the ‘Masher’ accessory. The Masher accessory essentially turns a gun’s bullets into mini shotgun shells containing 7 projectiles. Yet Masher damage, if all projectiles hit, is not mini at all; additionally all revolvers come with a secret built-in 100% critical damage bonus, which makes these things diabolically effective for a critical-hit-only target like Crawmerax. Maxxed out mashers, such as a Jakobs Unforgiven Masher (200% crit bonus), a Dahl Anaconda Masher or an Atlas Pearl Masher can often take out Crawmerax’s critical hit spots in a single shot.


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Anarchies project a continuous cyclone of lead. Whether you have a Torgue, Tediore or Dahl – it doesn’t matter -just aim the hose at Crawmerax long enough and chances are the crit spots will get hit and he will go down. Accuracy and finesse are not needed. It’s just a matter of holding the trigger down and staying alive long enough for thorough coverage. Keep an eye on your ammo though!

Dahl Penetrator

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All semi-automatic sniper rifles come with a built in 180% critical hit bonus, but not all semi-automatic sniper rifles are fully automatic. Enter the Dahl Penetrator. There is no finer source of relentless critical hit damage. If you can line up a crit spot an pull the trigger, chances are that crit spot will get hit multiple times and explode. Using this one takes some practice but it’s potentially devastating: the fastest crawmerax speedkill video I have ever seen was accomplished with this gun.


IMG 1946 6
Any full-auto gun with the double accessory is a viable option for Crawmerax. That includes machine pistols and SMGs. The reason? Size of target. Those critical hit spots aren’t exactly small so hitting them isn’t too hard with a reasonably accurate fully automatic weapon, and that’s doubly so with a double. These will need more aiming than an Anarchy, but your ammo will last longer.

Jakobs Skullmasher

IMG 1247 12
Because of the slow fire rate, I would hesitate to recommend this gun for killing Crawmerax in the normal run and gun way- it’s certainly doable, but it’s generally not going to be as efficient as other options. However, as a bolt-action sniper rifle, the Skullmasher gets a 200% critical hit bonus and extreme bullet velocity. And the damage can get HIGH so yeah: it packs a one-shot punch, even from a distance. And as a ‘masher’ type weapon, it also has a 6 pellet shotgun-like spread to increase the chances of a hit. For beginners that may be tempted to try the glitch spot the Skullmasher is hard to resist. Note: as far as I know the glitch spot doesn’t work for Brick.

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